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Apical Genetics is a service of Farm Bug Co-op




Rich Koloszyc has a long history with cannabis, recognizing the value of good genetics early on. He uses purposeful breeding for specific outcomes, and has built his career around initiating pheno-hunting programs to find plants that perform exceptionally well in the northeast. He has grown a reputation for curating, protecting, and preserving unique varietals. Rich believes in regenerative agriculture, plant medicine, and the right to grow your own cannabis.



J Jasper has a history of leading teams through challenging experiences.  Whether as a wilderness guide navigating the difficulties of getting the group up the next mountain, or as manager of an organic cannabis farm working with skilled growers against whatever obstacles arise, J remains focused on getting past the finish line together. His emphasis on collective success makes him a natural fit to coordinate client communication and administer the business relationships needed to enable successful genetic selection programs.



Eric Schwartz lives in Somerville, Massachusetts with his family. He is an entrepreneur advocating for policies that benefit small, legacy cannabis farmers as well as cooperatively owned businesses. He believes that all cannabis is agriculture and should be treated as such. He has over a decade of experience in B-to-B & consumer-direct Sales & Marketing. He knows how to connect relevant information to the people who want to know it.



James Knauer is a marine corps veteran with 15 years of experience in engineering. He brings a clear understanding of how to balance worker experience with technical problem-solving to design production systems that support people on the line.  He is proficient in explaining engineering concepts to organic farmers, as well as articulating the needs of growers to engineers.  James specializes in automating parts of the genetic selection process for more consistent results.

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